Jonutis graduated from Vilnius Academy of Arts, majoring in graphics. Since 1989 he has been participating in exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad. M. Jonutis has organized over 50 exhibitions together with the artist N. Marčėnaitė, and over 60 personal exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad.

The artist mainly creates paintings, graphic works, relief paintings, sculptures; he has written and illustrated books Mėlyna Žalia, Kirminas paukštis, Tavo pirmoji knyga apie skraidymo meną, Slibinas Jurgis ir kitos istorijos.

Marius Jonutis is a very productive and comprehensive Lithuanian artist, who masters broad types of art, such as painting, sculpture, graphics, illustration, and relief art. Moreover, Jonutis is constantly questioning the boundaries of art, trying out different tools and seeking unexplored themes.

Multiple figure compositions are noticeable for an extraordinary artistic language – vivid and contrasting coloring, the rhythm of ornaments, decorativeness, stylization of shapes and the impression of naïve art.