The artist Marius Jonutis continues his cooperation with the gallery Meno Niša and presents his fifteenth personal exhibition “Ažūrai” (“Openwork”).

“Thirty years ago, I bought my first electric saw. I haven’t put it down since then. Or, rather, it didn’t let go of me. I’ve already changed twenty of these devices, they finish faster than I. If several days go by without cutting, I feel like something is missing, that I am not entirely myself. Being an artist allows you to do whatever you want. When I was developing the idea for this year’s exhibition, I allowed myself to do what I liked most, hence ‘Openwork’. Once you have an idea, it won’t be just anything, it will be a coherent collection, it sounds good,” Jonutis says.

It was the technique rather than particular stories that guided the conception of the show. Stories recede into the background, while in the fore is openwork which may interfere, but may just as well create mystery, soften things, invite to wonder what’s behind. Jonutis says that one of his approaches is to remove all that is unnecessary, leaving only the essential. This time, he worked differently. He offers his apologies to those who are rushing and invites the viewer to look at what is slightly covered from view.

“You cannot photograph my pieces, you have to look at them from different angles to get a full view. I therefore invite everyone to come and see them. Each artwork is a conquest. A conquest of tool over material is only some physical exertion and good mental meditation; conquering oneself is more difficult. When I’m pondering an idea that, at first, gave me joy, my mind is talking me out of it. Whatever for? Why? Is it necessary? Will it amount to anything? Indeed, if one artwork didn’t come to be, if an entire exhibition didn’t happen – the world would still be spinning around the same axis. But it would be terribly boring not doing things. It’s my escape,” Jonutis explains.

“Openwork” is not built around one concept or storyline, the artist says. He compares the exhibition to a collection of poems. So if a viewer finds something he or she had in mind (but was too lazy or busy to produce), that’s quite a success.

Marius Jonutis’ “Openwork” opens on April 18, 6 PM. The exhibition will run until May 18. The gallery Meno Niša is open Tuesdays to Fridays 12 – 6 PM and Saturdays 12 – 4 PM.