Continuing the project “Art Space for Young Artists”, Gallery Meno Niša is launching the exhibition Prop Park by younger-generation painter Monika Plentauskaitė (born 1993). It is the first solo exhibition of this artist in Vilnius. Monika is currently doing her Master’s degree in painting at the Vilnius Academy of Arts. She is actively creating and participating in group exhibitions.

Monika Plentauskaitė about her creative work and exhibition:
“It all started when I realized that my passport is a falsification. Now this is not new for me – the grandfather had two passports due to adverse circumstances during the World War II. Unfortunately, the original version of the passport did not survive, so he had to live with the new one, which contained only one small inaccurate detail – changed letter in the last name (that’s why I’m Plentauskaitė now instead of original Plintauskaitė).
Perhaps this mismatch with my real surname is only a small error, but this is why I started to raise identity issues, to search for my own self in the past, and more precisely, in the artefacts of the past, i.e. in photography.

Personal albums or the archives of everyday life which I collected myself follow me everywhere: whether it’s my home city Kaunas or the historical town of Kražiai where I spent my childhood summers or the photo material gathered in Spain during my independent residency. With the help of images, I try to get to know not only the environment facing me, but also my own self.

In the exhibition Prop Park, I collage my experiences, insights and objects painted from my personal photo archives. I want to extend the stories behind the photographs, or to reconstruct them and discover new narratives. This gives birth to a special park of memoirs and props captured in snapshots. This exhibition shows my searches for own self behind the theatrical curtain of everyday life.”

The exhibition is part of the project Art Space for Young Artists implemented by the Gallery. It is an ongoing art project launched in 2011, covering young artists’ exhibition cycles and promoting their initiatives and continuity of artistic ideas.

The project is co-funded by the Lithuanian Council for Culture.

The opening of the exhibition is on 17 January, 6 p.m. The Prop Park is open until 10 February. Meno Niša opening hours: Tuesday – Friday 12 noon – 6 p.m., Saturday 12 noon – 4 p.m.

Gallery Sponsor – Vilnius city municipality