On 26 February 2014, Wednesday, 6 p.m., Meno Niša Gallery presents the solo exhibition ART GAMES – MY GAMES, authored by one of the most promising young painters Jolanta Kyzikaitė. The author calls visitors of the exhibition to be active observers by offering them several game-play alternatives. Monumental canvases of the artist provide an intellectual and critical look at oneself and the surrounding environment, reflecting a variety of themes ranging from personal experiences of the author to those relevant or, even, painful for society.
“When I was getting ready for the exhibition, the main question for me was how powerful the very idea is. Is a story more important than work itself? Is it possible for the work to have its own language that does not always coincide with the author’s story? What is the difference between a written idea and visual idea? Does the magic of a painting disappear when transposed into a text? “– that is how the idea of the new exhibition is presented by Jolanta Kyzikaitė who emphasises that viewer feedback is very important to her.

Jolanta Kyzikaitė is one of the most promising young painters. She was awarded the Best Young Painter Prize in 2010 and has won three art residencies in Vienna and Linz (Atelierhaus Salzamt, Austria). Meno Niša Gallery has successfully presented works of Jolanta Kyzikaitė in three international contemporary art fairs ARTVILNIUS. In 2013, the artist was presented at international art fairs ViennaFair (Austria) and Art Moscow (Russia), and international exhibition Nord Art (Germany). Jolanta Kyzikaitė’s works have been acquired by the Contemporary Art Centre in Lithuania, Walter Bischop Museum in Germany, private collectors in Lithuania and abroad.

The exhibition will be on until 18 March.