Gallery Meno Niša in Vilnius invites everyone to the opening of the exhibition Camouflage by the artist Jolanta Kyzikaitė on September 25, at 6 p.m. The artist, who will present paintings and drawings in the exhibition, will examine how physical withdrawal from the public, be it by wearing a mask or by self-isolation, affects relations with people and the environment around us.

Camouflage is J. Kyzikaitė’s ninth exhibition, a project financed by the Lithuanian Council for Culture. According to art critic Deima Žuklytė-Gasperaitienė, the artist’s manner of painting is generalizing and poster-like. A decorative effect is created by the use of a bright contour line that defines objects and subjects. She doesn’t try to avoid kitschy colors and textures, thus “rendering harmless” the uncomfortable or threatening subjects of works, bringing them closer to images wandering in the media and easy for the audience to consume.

Painter Jolanta Kyzikaitė is a Doctor of Art, her work has been presented in more than 60 joint exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad. In 2010, Jolanta Kyzikaitė became the first-place winner in the Young Painter’s Prize competition. Gallery Meno Niša has been working with J. Kyzikaitė for 10 years – during this time, the painter has been presented at art fairs in Vilnius, Budapest, Cologne, Berlin, Moscow, Paris, Brussels, and Vienna. Jolanta Kyzikaitė’s works have been acquired by the MO Museum, the Lewben Art Foundation, the Walter Bischoff Gallery in Germany, and private collectors.

J.Kyzikaitė interview about the exhibition is here.

The exhibition project is financed by the Lithuanian Council for Culture and Vilnius City Municipality.

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In collaboration with art platform ArtLand, we are inviting you to enjoy a small 3D tour of Jolanta Kyzikaite’ exhibition Camouflage.

The full 3D version of the tour with navigation can be found here.