For the first time as part of the Berlin Art Week 2014 POSITIONS BERLIN took place. With the new fair format the gallery owner and long standing co-director of the Preview Berlin Art Fair Kristian Jarmuschek and his team is opting for relevance and a large spectrum of artworks.

Since many years Berlin has been the city that can offer the broadest overview of the current progressions of contemporary art with its multitude of international artists and galleries. POSITIONS BERLIN aspires to enable this overview and discourse more extensively.

POSITIONS BERLIN is an art fair depicting the quality and currentness of the international art scene comprehensively and independently from established categories and inviting the visitor to discover new positions.

A team of knowledgeable and experienced individuals in the field of art fairs with outstanding contacts in the international art market are behind the organization of POSITIONS BERLIN.
POSITIONS BERLIN invites international galleries to apply with their represented artistic positions of modern and contemporary art.

MENO NISA represented artists:

Naglis Rytis Baltušnikas
Rūta Katiliūtė
Algis Kasparavičius
Paulius Šliaupa

Meno Niša Gallery (Vilnius) will be presenting five artists of the gallery at Positions Berlin Art Fair taking place in Berlin from 17 to 20 September.

After a successful launch in 2014 and recognition earned from the visitors and gellerists, this year Positions Berlin is holding its second edition. This year the Art Fair moved to a new place – Arena Berlin covering an impressive space of 6500 square metres and awaiting 76 galleries from 16 different countries. Positions Berlin will take place as a part of the Berlin Art Week, thus providing the visitors and gallerists of the Art Fair to see the international programme of the Art Fair and art events taking place in the city.

According to Mrs. Sonata Baliuckaite, curator of the Meno Niša Gallery, the range of galleries participating in the Positions Berlin Art Fair is really wide. In addition to art galleries from Germany, there will be participants from Peru, Japan, Spain, our neighbour Latvia, and Ukraine. “Thousands of art lovers and collectors from all over the world will be visiting the Berlin Art Week, so Positions Berlin, although being a young art fair, has a lot of art loving visitors who are interested in young, undiscovered artists and art galleries from smaller art capitals”, says S.Baliuckaite

Meno Niša will present four artists in the Positions Berlin Art Fair: Rūta Katiliūtė (born in 1944), Naglis Rytis Baltušnikas (born in 1960), Paulius Šliaupa (born in 1990), Algis Kasparavičius (born in 1975), and Rimas Sakalauskas (born in 1985) whose film will be displayed in the fair’s video lounge. “We have been consistently working with these artists for a number of years by holding their exhibitions and presenting their works in various art fairs”, says D. Stomienė, placing a special emphasis on the works of famous painter Rūta Katiliūtė, who is already known in Germany. Since 1990, Rūta Katiliūtė’s works have been presented in German contemporary art galleries, such as Salustowicz, Gallery in Hof, and others. Enamels and mosaics by Naglis Rytis Baltušnikas have been also exhibited many times in the Meno Niša Gallery and international art fair ArtVilnius. This artist is the winner of the Tallinn Print Triennial. Now flying to Berlin, sculptor’s Algis Kasparavičius gigantic fly Nihil novi has had previously landed on famous buildings of Vilnius and was a part of the ArtVilnius15 programme this year. Dedicated to the theme of light, works of young artist Paulius Šliaupa have been presented in art fairs ArtMoscow’13 and ArtVilnius’15. His works will also be exhibited in Art Market Budapest to be held in Budapest.

Meno Niša was established in 2002. The gallery exhibits professional contemporary art works, organises international art projects, keeps contacts with foreign art galleries, cultural institutions and artists. Apart from renowned artists, Meno Niša is open to young, talented artists and their projects.

Contact person:
Sonata Baliuckaitė
+370 640 38221