The thick emptiness

Opening of Viačeslavas Karmalita’s exhibition PAINTED IN RIEŠĖ II at the MENO NIŠA Gallery on 28 February 2012, 6 p.m.

Viačeslavas Jevdokimovas – Karmalita (born in Khmelnytskyy, West Ukraine in 1946) arrived in Vilnius in 1975 to study monumental art at the Vilnius Institute of Arts. He didn’t go back to his home country after graduation and stayed in Vilnius. His first works were presented in a group exhibition in 1985. However, later the painter refrained from the active participation in public artistic life and persistently developed his art in solitude. Having left his home and studio in Užupis, Karmalita has been recently working in complete solitude in an old homestead in suburbs. An ascetic lifestyle has become vital to him in order to attain specific artistic concentration. In a small room full of paint tubes and books, he enjoys painting, drawing, reading, listening to the music and looking through the windows to an old orchard which is the dominant and the only motif of his art. This looking through the window gives birth to near-absolutely abstract, monochromic grey paintings. Uneven and sweeping brushstrokes of paint, spread layer by layer on the canvas, as if cover or remove what the painter has seen. He is more interested in conveying the dynamics of moods and feelings that find expression in nature’s transitional states – dusk and dawn. That’s how the experience of ‘thick emptiness’ is created. The author’s reflections of lights and shadows require an unhurried and subtle look from viewers, too. (Prof. Raminta Jurėnaitė )