WHAT: Nijolė’s Šaltenyt’s graphic exhibition OTHER SIDE
WHEN: 16 November – 09 December, 2011
WHERE: Gallery MENO NIŠA J.Basanavičius str. 1/13, Vilnius

Nijolė Šaltenytė is well established on the Lithuanian art scene as an intriguing artistic personality with impressive scope of work, featuring engravings, bookplates and book illustrations. <…> Nijolė Šaltenytė participated in 150 local and international exhibitions, and in this sense, is one of the champions among Lithuanian artists who mostly work in graphic media. Her work was exhibited in Argentina, The Baltic States, Bulgaria, Italy, France, Japan, as well as numerous other countries. Such an extensive participation in exhibitions bespeaks nor only of the productivity of the female artist but is a proof of fine quality of her work that adheres to the high standards set by the organizers. Her artistic achievements have been recognized by a series of prestigious awards.

The body of her work strikes as incredibly diverse to be created by one person. The scope and versatility result from the female artist’s ambition to explore different themes and styles, and embrace, unwaveringly experiment and change. At the same time, throughout her career, the artist has remained loyal to one classical technique of etching, enriched with aquatint. (Art critic Regina Urbonienė)