Opening: 15 February, 5 p.m.

Jolanta Kyzikaitė was born in 1980, Kaunas. In 2004 she gained a master degree in painting at Vilnius Academy of Arts. Since 2003 already, this gifted and promising artist has been actively participating in the projects of contemporary art. Her works of art were presented in more than 30 exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad. In 2010 Kyzikaitė won the first place in the competition “Young Painter Prize”, participated in the programme “Artist in Residence”, Austria. The painter will present the drawings and paintings created in the residence of artists in the exhibition “Temporarily away”. This is what Jolanta says about her new personal experience, interpreted and perceived in creation:

“Everything in my works of art created in Vienna is seen through the camera eye. It went naturally – while looking at my children’s pictures on the computer or communicating with them via video chats. This is a common relationship between the Lithuanian migrants – parents and children – via skype or pictures. I’ve noticed that in other situations I’m also more likely to observe the city, art, and people through the camera eye. This is how I created other works. They embody a wish to see yourself in other artists’ works as well as a wish to see yourself in your children. This view is not only a comparison or search but also a desire to hide behind the screen, mirror or other objects.”