Meno Niša gallery continues its 15th season of exhibitions and presents “The DELUGE. Stań się!” by Gustas Jagminas, a painter from the young generation, on Tuesday, 10 October, 6 p.m.

After success at 2017 Positions Berlin international art fair which was held in Germany in September, Gustas Jagminas presents his fourth solo exhibition with participation of a surprise guest, a work by the psychic workers union – DAta Miners & Travailleurs Psychique (DAMPT).

“It’s always fun to have visiting guests. I have had many different experiences with this union, and the work selected for the exhibition is not only a painter’s gesture to another a painter. The works at the exhibition represent the subconscious element, the longing for a blind impulse, and the sort of a strange and powerful obsession which overwhelms you every time you start doubting the status quo”, says Jagminas.

This is the second exhibition of the artist at the Meno Niša gallery. According to Sonata Baliuckaitė, curator of the exhibition, the viewers could see more figurative paintings at the previous exhibition of Jagminas which was called “A Landscape with Galoshes”. His new works will reveal more purified forms and approximation to the very essence of painting. Both in figurative and in abstract paintings by Gustas Jagminas, there is always a landscape playing a leading or a supporting role.

“The artist goes deep into the nature of painting, deconstructing the nature and abstracting the landscape to colour, yet leaving the moment of identification at the same time. Although the titles of the artist’s works sound decadently and ask for a romantic tone, the works are relevant in the contemporary context and are obviously not lacking irony. This is an exhibition of pure painting”, comments Sonata Baliuckaitė.

According to art critic Dr. Viktoras Liutkus, Jagminas is a good colourist who likes painting in raised colours, in contrasts, felicitously using drawings and figurative compositions. He relies on the nature, experience and observations without looking for a cheap commercial result. He is good at analysing the nature, deconstructing and constructing it.

The opening of Gustas Jagminas’ painting exhibition “The DELUGE. Stań się!*” is on 10 October, 6 p.m. The exhibition is open until 24 October. Meno Niša opening hours: Tuesday – Friday 12 noon – 6 p.m., Saturday 12 noon – 4 p.m.

* A Polish phrase meaning “let there be”. See M.K.Čiurlionis’ painting Creation of the World III, 1905-1906.