Young artist Donata Minderytė invites viewers to experience the surprise of her installation titled “Appropriate Circumstances” to be presented at Vilnius-based gallery Meno Niša on 3-19 November. The installation made from 7000 small pieces is now being specially designed for the spaces of the gallery and will be available for viewing only by five visitors at a time.

Having acquired her master’s degree in painting in 2016, Donata Minderytė is now a PhD student of Vilnius Academy of Arts. The artist has been nurturing the idea of her installation “Appropriate Circumstances” since 2012, when she was creating a smaller-scaled project called “Ideas in the Air”.

The artist recalls: “I was dreaming of filling a large exhibition hall with sharp hooks of ideas one day. I temporised over implementation of this idea while continually searching the Internet: maybe someone has already created this? The waiting was exciting. I don’t know what I was waiting for more: a sort of satisfaction at seeing how my (non-)unique insights are put into life in the works of others and justification of this apathetic “watchful waiting”, or an opportunity to validate my (not)own idea as a legal theft from an invisible and unguarded ideas bank which seems to be open to all”.

For Minderytė, imagination, hesitation and the waiting itself become a goal. Procrastination turns into a process which gives more pleasure than the result. It’s like you’ve been listening to a discussion for so long to get strength to say what you think and then you wait a tiny second more and don’t feel like saying anything at all. Or when you’ve been waiting for something so long and then you finally are not sure whether you still want it.

The latest author’s installation speaks about circumstances which – as soon as you start thinking that you can hold control over something – direct you to an unexpected and unpredicted path. It’s about the walls you can not circumvent and about the light coming from the holes in that wall. It’s an attempt to take a gentle stroll along the beaten or even paved tracks, to function in the system when you have no option of not belonging to it.

“The idea of the project “Ideas in the Air” coincided with circumstances when you cannot get where you want to without tearing your coat or bruising your elbow”, tells Donata Minderytė, the author of “Appropriate Circumstances”.

There will be no opening act to Donata Minderytė’s installation “Appropriate Circumstances”: each one will have to experience it for himself, without being in the flow of others. Guests are invited to visit Meno Niša Gallery from 3 to 19 November (J. Basanavičiaus str. 1/13, Vilnius). The gallery is open Tuesday – Friday 12 noon to 6 p.m., Saturday 12 noon to 4 p.m.