The exhibition of Alonas Štelmanas “Necrophilia” will be presented at Vilnius Meno Niša gallery (J. Basanavičiaus Str. 1/13) on the 3rd of October at 6pm.

Alonas Štelmanas is a kind of enfant terrible of Lithuanian painting. Due to this description, he does not have to try to prove anything, only to paint things he wishes.

The artist was born in Kaunas in 1978. He is a Master of Art of Vilnius Academy of Arts (2004). It is the 14th solo exhibition of A.Štelmanas. The newest works created by the artist in 2012 are presented at Meno Niša gallery.

Although the title of the exhibition “Necrophilia” shocks, according to the author, the present Lithuanian social and economic status is reflected in the works of the painter. Paintings of dark colours do not aim to terrify or depress but to cure conscience, mentality and culture.

The exhibition runs through the 23rd of October.

Curator Irena Mikuličiūtė