Hangar 4 at the Berlin-Tempelhof Airport positions.de

Meno Niša booth: C01


Kęstutis Svirnelis

Monika Furmana

Gustas Jagminas

Paulius Šliaupa

Dr. Gora Parasit


For the 5th time Lithuanian gallery Meno Niša is coming back to the Positions Berlin Art Fair, held on 12-15 September, as part of the Berlin Art Week. The Vilnius-based gallery will present five Lithuanian artists in the Fair.

In the sixth edition of Positions Berlin, Meno Niša will present the following artists: kinetic art creator Kęstutis Svirnelis, painter Monika Furmana, abstractionists Gustas Jagminas and Paulius Šliaupa as well a new face in the gallery, multidisciplinary artist Dr. Gora Parasit. 

“We are preparing for Positions Berlin Art Fair a synthesis of works reflecting both erotic carnality and pop culture, which are conveyed using different media by artists Monika Furmana, Kęstutis Svirnelis and Dr. Gora Parasit, and, as a counterbalance, paintings by abstractionist Gustas Jagminas and video meditations by Paulius Šliaupa”, said Diana Stomienė, the director at Meno Niša. 

A familiar name for Positions Berlin visitors, Stuttgart-based Lithuanian artist Kęstutis Svirnelis (born 1976) creates kinetic objects and installations that analyse the themes of capitalism, consumerism, liberalism, democracy, the man and his role in the system. Svirnelis is a familiar name for Positions Berlin visitors, as the gallery presented him in the fair a couple of years ago. His kinetic objects are in the private collections in Germany and Lithuania.  

Painter Monika Furmana (born 1978) will be presented in Positions for the first time. The artist has held fourteen solo shows. Her works have been collected by people from Lithuania, Belgium, Finland, and the United States; as well as by the Lewben Art Foundation and the MO Museum. The fundamental theme of Furmana’s work is the woman and her body. The artist courageously and provocatively deconstructs the woman’s body, changing her identity. 

Fifth time in Positions Art Fair is for the abstractionist artist Paulius Šliaupa (born 1990). Although the Fair’s visitors know him as the abstract painter, the young artist has recently started to work more with different media, like video art. In Positions he will present a non-narrative film which is divided into the observation of everyday life in different spaces. 

Third time in the Positions Art Fair is for the abstractionist painter Gustas Jagminas (born 1979). His works are informed by nature, experience, and close observation. Even though Jagminas’ canvases often have titles that may reek of decadence and romanticism, they are also full of irony and maintain their relevance and topicality.  

A new name in Meno Niša is Dr. Gora Parasit (born 1984), the theatre, performance and film artist, director, actress, lecturer, methodologist, and designer. Meno Niša will be presenting her aerial photographies of a live act, where performers enter latex vacuum. Air is extracted and performers, while breathing through oxygen pipes, can observe different VR.

Presentation of Lithuanian artists sponsored by the Lithuanian Council of Culture