A graduate from the Department of Photography and Media Art, Vilnius Academy of Arts, Laura Sabaliauskaitė creates virtual reality reflecting social and psychological problems of society. According to art critic Virginijus Kinčinaitis, Laura’s works are very personal, projective, based on deep mythology and at the same time melting in the pixels of the screen.

Through her creative work, she tries to touch upon social and psychological themes. The artist films and photographs real objects which, through editing and animation, come to life, find themselves in different situations or shapes, and finally produce completely different aesthetics that the viewer sees when looking at them.

In 2019 Laura Sabaliauskaitė was selected by the international jury of Art Fair ArtVilnius as the Best Young Artist (under 35). The artist was awarded the prize by Law Firm COBALTMaecenas of the fair. It was Laura’s debut at this fair where the artist presented her works in public for the first time. According to Laura, there was a long break in the artistic field after her graduation and she even thought of quitting creative work altogether. However, the award she won at ArtVilnius completely changed her plans.