Olga Dedova graduated Vilnius Academy of Arts this year. Her name is not yet well known, but this gifted and interesting painter is outstanding among artists of the young generation for her specific aesthetics and precise painting style. Olga Dedova is actively creating and participating in various exhibitions – her works have been recently exhibited nearly in all exhibitions and projects of young artists held over the past years. In 2009, she participated in “Brigada Kormoran” exhibition held within the framework of the national programme Vilnius – European Capital of Culture, “Meno Celės” (Art Cells) exhibition of the Vilnius Academy of Arts. This year, paintings by Olga Dedova were exposed at the competition exhibition of the Global Art Room gallery in Riga, project “Vaistinė” (Pharmacy) at the Ministry of Fluxus. Quite recently the self-portraits of the artist have been presented at Zugzwang international exhibition of young Baltic artists in Vilnius.

“The basis of my paintings is finding and archiving the artefacts of completeness and dread. The images I select are not straight references, but rather metaphors, hints, feelings and remembrances proposing a viewer a wide range of interpretations”, says the artist inviting to look at her paintings in the Meno Niša gallery and feel the placebo effect.